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About Paul
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Paul Pinon is a freelance drummer, studio musician and music educator based in Austin, Texas. He has performed and/or recorded with Clint Manning, Memphis Kee, Mad Whit, Rival Waves, Cari Q, Victoria Celestine, The Oysters, Interrobang Brass Band, The Buddy System, The Rewinders, Dreamboat, The Irish Exit, Born Again Virgins, Chris Strand and the Sinners, Scott Zuniga, Ultraviolet, Via Mangata, B.R. Lively, and others. 

Paul offers private lessons in person and online through his own studio, and is on faculty for drum set instruction at Northwest School of Music. “I hope to give my students the skills they need to be successful musicians while playing the music they are inspired from. If my students are just picking up an instrument for the first time or are preparing for college auditions and pursuing music as a career, I aim to help them develop a wide skill set building on fundamentals, technique, in depth listening and analysis, transcription of music, competency in a variety of musical styles, knowledge of important drummers, and confidence in their own playing.”

Born and raised in El Paso, Paul moved from the West Texas desert to Austin to pursue a career in music and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from The University of Texas at Austin. There he studied performance and composition with Wayne Salzmann II, John Fremgen, John Mills, Tony Edwards, Steven Slawek, Gourisankar Karmakar and Russell Pinkston's Electronic Music Studio. 

About the Remote Recording Process

Paul has recorded for artists all over Austin in top studios like Orb Recording Studio, East Austin Recording Studio, The Bubble, Good Danny's, and many others. Remote sessions operate differently, and Paul will facilitate direct communication with you to make your vision come to life.


Paul has worked hard to make remote recording easy with a transparent, clear 4 step process that works with any producer or artist. No recording session is like the other, and Paul offers straightforward pricing with the ability to customize sounds and services to fit your needs. Pick a recording package that suits your song's needs, or choose specific services you would need from the add on section in pricing.

Step 1

Choose the recording package and add-ons best suited to your needs. Contact Paul directly if you have any questions.

About Lessons

Paul teaches private lessons in his own studio and through music schools in Austin, with up to 40 one-on-one students meeting him each week. With one on one Zoom lessons, he offers a high quality of education to you directly at home with studio-grade audio and HD multi-cam video streaming.


Learn more about lessons here.

About Recording
About Lessons
About Studio
About the Studio

Paul's recording and lesson studio offers high-quality multi-track audio for any situation. Whether you want lo-fi minimal micing for a vintage style recording, '70s sounds to bring Fleetwood Mac vibes, or the full package of every mic option needed for modern audio fidelity and mixing options in your recording, Paul's studio can handle it.


This setup is optimized for recording and benefits one-on-one lessons with students in a few ways:

  • Lesson audio is ALWAYS multi-tracked with the same mic, preamp, and plugin setups used in the recording studio for the highest fidelity possible for students to better hear their lesson content.

  • Multi-micing options means students interested in recording technology can learn how to bring different sounds to their own recording. Learn about close-micing variations, overhead placement, mixing, mic choice and other audio engineering skills in a lesson setting.

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In addition, Paul's studio is outfitted with multi-cam recording AND streaming. For lessons, this means every angle of the drums is covered to aid in demonstration of parts, close up of technique in the hands and feet, and overall clarity of content. With the student's permission, lesson segments may also be recorded for review and reference outside of their scheduled time. For remote recording sessions, Paul offers the option of having multi-cam video footage of your drum take in up to 4K resolution for use in promotional materials or archival footage.

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About the Drums

Paul is an avid drum and percussion instrument collector. His constant rotation of drum kits means he has access to almost any sound or instrument you may want. Do you envision a giant bass drum in your song? Do you want a dozen Neil Peart-esque toms in your recording? Vintage? Modern? Need a percussion overdub with tabla, dhol, or cuica? He's got it covered. If you have a sound in mind, Paul can find something in his inventory of drums, collection of cymbals, and stacks of snares to make it happen.

Although Paul's recording setup is highly variable and customizable at your request, a few staple kits have remained in his arsenal which will make quick work of most songs in the studio. If the choice of drums is left unspecified in your recording notes, he will use his best judgement to choose sounds that work for you. 


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'60s Round Badge

So much has been written about "That Great Gretsch Sound" that led this instrument to be the standard for jazz musicians. This iconic instrument has been featured on many classic recordings. Far from being a one-trick pony, this instruments sings at high tunings for bebop and growls when dropped down for rock. Its versatility makes it a tried and true studio machine.


14x20" kick, 16x16" floor, 8x12" rack


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Le Soprano

Prima Originale

Modern Drummer Magazine's review of this Italian brand's custom drum series called these drums a "masterpiece" to which no other kit compared.  Le Soprano claims to only make 6-8 of these fine instruments a year, and their attention to detail pays off in the sound. The drum's free-floating stave shell construction gives them the cleanest sound I've ever had in an instrument, and they are monsters in the studio.


16x18" kick, 14x14" floor, 8x12 rack, 7x10" rack, 6.5x14" snare

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