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The Recording Process // Pricing 
How Remote Recording Works

Every session is different, and every client should feel confident their vision will come through in a recording. To do this, Paul offers multiple recording packages for you to choose from. Each package will get the same attention and professionalism in the take, and each package includes a variety of microphones running. Sessions will usually include more mics than necessary to provide as many options as you may need in order to feel confident you can find the sound you want despite not being in the same room at the same time. Mic setup and drum sounds can be requested in your performance notes, or Paul can work with you directly to get the exact setup you want in the Deluxe package. For examples of Paul's playing, head to the Music or Videos tab.

Step 1: Pick the services you want

Recording packages are built for convenience and offer standard services artists may need. However, sessions are completely customizable by adding on services from the selection offered, or you may contact Paul if you have something in mind not listed below. Choosing services ahead of time aids in budgeting for your recording, and you will not be surprised with unexpected charges to your session.

When browsing through the selections below, note that Paul offers discounts for multiple songs and some packages offer different add-ons!

Born Again Virgins - Hole in the
Recording Packages



Acrylic Kit Flag Photo.jpeg
  • 1 take of multi-track audio

  • Perfect for demos, songwriters, drafts, or affordable sessions



Acrylic Kit Flag Photo.jpeg
  • 3 takes of multi-track audio for added mixing options

  • Workshop parts with Paul to get the most of 3 takes

  • Perfect for artists wanting options to shape song, give mixing engineers added control



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  • 5 takes of multitrack drums

  • Fully customize drum sounds, mic placement, parts

  • Includes draft stems with free retake of parts (if requested)

  • Drum sequencing, percussion, and samples add-ons included (if requested)

  • For artists with a specific vision in mind, who want the most hands-on or customizable experience possible

Add-ons for Recording

Percussion Overdub


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Paul has a variety of percussion instruments available to create layered beats, folkloric percussion sections, or drumset alternatives. Overdub files are exported with the completed drum session. Included in Deluxe package.

Drum Samples


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Includes normalized prepared drum samples of sounds for the artist to create their own drum parts. Drum sample hits are recorded for free by request at the end of a take in any package, but if you would like Paul to prepare and organize these for you himself to save you time this add on is for you!

Video of Takes


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Receive a file of single-angle raw video in up to 4K 60fps resolution of Paul recording your take. If multi-cam recording is preferred, contact Paul for adjusted rate. 

Drum Programming


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Options include live take programming for drumset replacement, hybrid setup, or layered beats. You will receive a MIDI file with programmed drums in final exported package. When sending draft, Paul will run MIDI through a VST to hear programming and can send the VST audio by request. Included in Deluxe package.

Transcription Service


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Includes pdf of handwritten transcribed parts for drums. Perfect for songwriters or artists wishing to recreate recorded parts in the future with a live drummer, or for archival purposes. Rates vary if Paul is given a preprogrammed beat to learn for recording, or if the artist prefers a digital chart.

Mixed Stems


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At the end of tracking, raw audio stems are exported. If desired, Paul will pre-mix stems with EQ, compression, effects, or other treatment and export treated stems to you with detailed explanation of mixing setup/settings and strategy to make the most of the recording. 

Recording Prices
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